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I suddenly realised the other day that I hadn't blogged for quite some time. It's not because I didn't have things to say because I'm feeling rather verbose right now. It's just been a crazy few months as I explored the new territory of publishing.

As I write I now have two books available, House of Scarabs and it's prequel Genesis. I waffled on endlessly in previous blogs about House of Scarabs but much like a second child, I've hardly mentioned Genesis. Shame on me as I love them equally - honest gov!

I had a total blast writing Genesis, it was the most fun I've had writing. I felt I'd gone through the pain of a creative birth with House of Scarabs and Genesis was just pure, undiluted fun. I was able to go back 3,500 years to the time of the Pharaohs and explore the roots of House of Scarabs (HofS). Where I struggled for years creating HofS I sprinted through Genesis, taking less than 6 months from first word to publication.

The premise for the story is that the Pharaoh's High Seer sees a future where the Egyptian civilisation has fallen as you can see from the book blurb below:


Faced with the extinction of their faith, the High Priest and High Seer of Egypt must take steps to preserve the gods’ knowledge for the sake of the pharaoh’s immortality.

One vision rocks the foundations of the Egyptian belief system. The pharaoh’s seer knows that their civilisation will perish and their faith fall fallow. Horrified at the implication, she shares the news with the High Priest of Egypt. Only together can they plant a seed that will allow the culture to return and flourish. Her vision is clear. They must select a group of men who will carry the power of the ancient gods within them. They will form a secret organisation that will cross the plains and oceans to ensure that one day, the pharaohs can rise again and reclaim their rightful place as world leaders.

Nothing must stop them - not even the pharaoh.

The only problem is they have a spy in their midst who’s determined to see them fail.


How can you get Genesis?

It's now available in ebook, paperback and large-print edition from Amazon.(click here to view on Amazon).


I've had some great reviews and feedback - which makes my heart sing. As an aside, if you've ever loved a book and thought I'd love to tell the author - please act on your feelings. Every time I hear from my readers, or read a review about my book, it makes my heart beat a happy patter. It really makes an author's day so don't hesitate to reach out.

One review in particular makes me happy, a lovely man in America wrote the following:

Hazel Longuet is a magically gifted storyteller. Many moments in Genesis felt so real to me and somehow rang true, even though I know but little of ancient Egypt. The characters are wonderful, the magical action very fresh and believable, and this story definitely leads me to dive into the sequel!

Now how could I not be happy to read such lovely words from a total stranger.

That's all for now but I'll be back soon with more details about the setting and history behind Genesis.

Happy reading....

Hazel xx

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