House of Scarabs

The gods of Egypt have slumbered for millennia - relegated to objects of myth. That's all about to change...


Loner, Ellie wants a quiet life, but the gods have other plans. She’s been given a choice - death or quest. Bound by the deities to two strangers (Ben an archaeologist and Gerhard an elderly scholar), the trio’s lives depend on them coming together as a team.

To earn their freedom, they must uncover long lost secrets to unlock an ancient prophecy which is protected by “The Guardians of the Ankh”, a ruthless and cunning assassins’ guild.

Sent on a wild chase across the desert plains of Egypt, they must stay one step ahead of the merciless, cold-blooded killers determined to ensure this unknown prophecy does not come to pass.

Will the trio succeed and unlock the gods’ prophecy or die trying?

And more importantly… should they?


House of Scarabs is the first book in House of Scarabs urban fantasy series. If you like ancient mythology, paranormal adventures and magical quests, then you’ll love Hazel Longuet’s fast-paced novel!

House of Resurrection

The mummies have returned.


All over the world, in museums and private collections, the mummies have resurrected. No one knows why or how. Except the Vatican & they are determined the secret shall never be told.


Now held by curious governments the mummies are nothing but laboratory guinea pigs - helpless and frightened.

Only three people can help them. The three that resurrected them, Ellie, Ben and Gerhard.

Determined to maintain their monotheism power base the Vatican hire a deadly assassin, The Phantom.


Now it's a race for survival and freedom.


Faced with the extinction of their faith, the high priest of Egypt must take steps to preserve the gods’ knowledge for the sake of the pharaoh’s immortality.



One vision rocks the foundations of the Egyptian belief system. The pharaoh’s seer knows that their civilisation will perish and their faith fall fallow. Horrified at the implication, she shares the news with the high priest of Egypt. Only together can they plant a seed that will allow the culture to return and flourish. Her vision is clear. They must select a group of men who will carry the power of the ancient gods in their DNA. They will form a secret organisation that will cross the plains and oceans to ensure that one day, the pharaohs can rise again and reclaim their rightful place as world leaders.


Nothing must stop them - not even the pharaoh.


The only problem is they have a spy in their midst who will stop at nothing to ensure they fail.


Genesis is the prequel to House of Scarabs and should ideally be read after it. If you like historical thrillers, quirky characters, and tales of mysterious ancient powers, then you’ll love this novella.



How one author cheated death and found her genre...


Imagine meeting your grandmother 35 years after her death, or having a loved one come to say a final farewell after they've passed on. Hazel shares personal and deeply moving stories of her own paranormal experiences, and how they've influenced her writing.


A touching anthology of short stories that provide moments of sweetness, tragedy, and awe. If you're fascinated with true stories of inexplicable phenomena, download Hazel Longuet's Vapours today.



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