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Who doesn’t love a freebie? I certainly do.

I also love sharing new things with my readers before I put them out in the big commercial world. It’s tiring writing my full-length books, and when I finish one I find myself in need of a writing ‘palate cleanse’. Writing short stories does exactly that, and I like to share my new ones with my Readers' Club.

If you fancy reading my short stories before the rest of the world, and for free, it’s worth joining my Readers' Club. As well as short stories, you’ll gain access to member only websites that host insider information about the books. I also send out word searches, competitions and the odd free signed paperback. Sign up here – and don’t worry, I won’t add any additional weight to your inbox as I only send out one email a month!


Sign up here to join my Readers' Club

If you fancy trying your hand at one of the word searches I’ve shared with the Readers' Club, click the one you want to download and good luck…

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