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I devoured the story and loved the journey, I especially enjoyed how the ancients were shown as real people rather than just historical figures and the reality of finding themselves in a vastly different world.

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THE MUMMIES HAVE RETURNED. All over the world, in museums and private collections, the mummies have resurrected. No one knows why or how, except the Vatican & it's determined the secret shall never be told. Now, held by curious governments, the ancient Egyptians are nothing but laboratory guinea pigs - helpless and frightened in this strange new world. Only three people can help them; the three that resurrected them, Ellie, Ben and Gerhard. Determined to maintain their monotheism power-base the Vatican hires a deadly assassin, The Phantom. Now it's a race for survival and freedom. House of Resurrection is the second book in the House of Scarabs urban fantasy series. If you like ancient mythology, action adventures and magical quests, then you’ll love Hazel Longuet’s fast-paced novel! Buy House of Resurrection to unravel the mystery of the mummies today! House of Scarabs is a surprisingly delightful dip into a genre readers may not know they need to discover – but they definitely do. Equal parts action/thriller, mystery, historical fiction, and modern-day fantasy, this series starts off grippingly fascinating and quickly dives into a thrilling ride you’ll never forget. With quirky, lovable characters, a rich storyline, and lots of infectious humor along the way, this is a story that has a little bit of everything but blends it all together perfectly. In a wonderful display of magic, action, culture, and the many complex facets of human nature, House of Scarabs is a shining treasure and a definite must-read series from a promising new author. Coral Coons, Editor Books in this series: Genesis - Prequel House of Scarabs - Book One House of Resurrection - Book Two

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