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I absolutely loved this book. I love the way the author has cleverly woven Egyptian history into the story line, which twists and turns. A secret organisation, assassins and ancient gods will have you furiously reading every page.

THE GODS OF EGYPT HAVE SLUMBERED FOR MILLENNIA - RELEGATED TO OBJECTS OF MYTH. THAT’S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE... Grieving the loss of her child and a life shattering betrayal from the love of her life, Ellie hides herself from the world, determined never to be hurt again. But the long forgotten gods of an ancient land have other plans. Forced into a magical bond with two strangers, Ellie is given a choice. Succumb to the will of the Gods, or die. Now this misfit trio must depend on each other to survive. To earn their freedom from the bond, they must uncover long lost secrets and unlock an ancient prophecy. A prophecy protected by a ruthless and cunning assassins' guild known only as the "Guardians of the Ankh". A prophecy that will change the human world forever. Hunted across the desert plains of Egypt, the trio must stay one step ahead of these merciless, cold-blooded killers who are determined to ensure the potentially cataclysmic prophecy does not come to pass. But something inside Ellie tells her that fulfilling this quest is precisely what humanity needs. Even if it means the trio facing their worst fears, being hunted to the end of the earth, and maybe losing their lives in the process. After all, some things... some people... are worth dying for.

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