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Spooktacular Reads

I love holidays. Any excuse to dress up and have fun has got be given the respect it deserves... and Halloween is just around the corner.

It's coming up to that time of year when the nights are drawing in, so we pile logs on the fire and nestle down for a good read.

A couple of years ago I compiled a guide to the 72 best books for the Halloween season. I had so much fun choosing the books and then creating the visuals to spook it all up a bit. That post has been one of my most popular posts ever on my other website - Novel Experience. So I thought I'd share the joy here. To download the FREE guide click here

Those classic stories that are guaranteed to make you shudder at Halloween. This section includes books like Frankenstein and The Shining.


Be prepared to have a few sleepless nights after reading these books - I looked like a zombie having a bad hair day after I did. Includes IT by Stephen King and The Exorcist.


These books never go out of fashion and have rampant fans. So if the kiss of a vampire or the super human strength of a werewolf is your thing you'll love these books. Includes Interview with a Vampire and Twilight.


Who doesn't like to share Ghost stories? This collection of 12 are some of the most spooky I could find. Includes The House of Lost Souls and The Woman in Black.


Magic is sprinkled throughout this collection. It has a beautiful mix of lighthearted books and those on the darker side. Includes A Discovery of Witches and The Rivers of London.


One of the largest and fastest growing genres. If you fancy a little Halloween lovin' then these books will be right up your street. Includes Fallen and Beautiful Creatures.

Grab your copy of my FREE guide to the 72 best books to read this Halloween - click here.

Whatever you may be doing this All Hallows' Eve be safe and have fun.

Happy reading

Hazel x

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