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A Writer's Workroom

I love walking at twilight when houses are lit but curtains haven't yet been pulled - it gives you a sneak peak into houses. As a writer I'm inordinately curious and it satisfies my urge to understand people and see how they live - or I might just be nosy. I think we are all a little curious about things we don't normally get to see. So today I'm pulling back the curtains on my writing process to show you my writing workroom. It's an inner sanctum of the writer's world, and normally kept private, but you've just been given the key.

Before I started writing I often wondered how authors worked? What was their process? What tools they used? Now I'm writing I realise their physical location is irrelevant, it's the virtual workroom that's critical to get the creative juices flowing. So yesterday I recorded a video to introduce you to my virtual workroom, a software called Scrivener, which is where I write, store research, draft outlines, and have the character references.

In the video I take you on a guided tour of the House of Scarabs' Scrivener file. Enjoy....

House of Scarabs: Manipulated by destiny. Three strangers race to unlock the mystery surrounding them before an ancient guild of assassins stop them, permanently.

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