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Recent Reads - May 2019

It's been a funny old month... I've plotted out my next book, House of Bastet, but somehow I can't put pen to paper. The story seems to need time to mature and ferment - it isn't ready to be written. Well, what's a girl to do when her story refuses to co-operate - some market research of course!

When I say market research I mean reading, well it's understanding my competition surely?

While I was recently scrabbling around trying to write and failing, I was offered an advance reader copy of The Last Witch by a new British author, M J Lawrie. I don't normally sign up to be an advance reader (a reader who gets a copy of a book before, or at the time of launch, to review), however I had time on my hands and the book's description intrigued me:

The Last Witch by M J Lawrie

My whole life I've been a prisoner. Starved. Beaten. Hated. By my own family, nonetheless. But most of all, I'm feared. Because I am the last Arcane witch and the most powerful woman alive. Most of the world wants me dead. Some want to own and control me. My power. My heart. But to some I'm salvation. The key to winning a war that has raged for five-hundred years between those who can use magic, and Hunters who dedicate their entire lives to killing us all. I'm released from my chains, and thrown into a world I'm supposed to save. A world that has made me suffer beyond words. Magic must return. But should it?

The Last Witch is a dark fantasy novel full of twists, turns, magic and mayhem. And of course...forbidden love.

So I downloaded the book and wow was I impressed. This book is MJ's first book and it's really exceptional. I was hooked within the first couple of chapters and lost a night's sleep as I went on a reading marathon - I ended up reading the book in one sitting and it's not a short book.

The narrative is so cleverly woven, with Lilly's story, character and power growing as the book unfolds. There were no tell-tale little signs that this was written by a new author. It's crisp, bright and enticing writing that tells this magical tale oh so well. I finished the book just a little jealous that I hadn't written it, and that doesn't often happen.

When I reviewed it on Amazon and Goodreads it was a no-brainer - 5 stars all the way. So I was keen to share my find with you. I think anyone who's enjoyed my books will love The Last Witch and if the first instalment is anything to go by the series promises great things.

The Last Witch ebook edition is available for £2.49 or for FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited via Amazon. Click the links below to download/buy the book from your local Amazon store: (USA and Global) (Canada) (Australia)

Click here to read my interview with MJ and for a chance to win a signed paperback.

Until next time - happy reading

Hazel xx

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